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Masahisa Fukase 1961-1991 Retrospective|TOP MUSEUM TOKYO 👁

Image taken from Untitled from Window, from ”Yōko”, 1973 © Masahisa Fukase Archives ©︎ TOP Museum Tokyo
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The Museum - Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, called TOP Museum - presents a retrospective titled "Masahisa Fukase 1961-1991 Retrospective" from March 3 to June 4. By focusing on his personal life, Masahisa Fukase carved out a unique place for himself in the history of Japanese photography of the 1960s. Exploring the origins of photography, Fukase developed a major practice within a group of artists associated with what was later known as shi-shashin ("I-photography"). Fukase pointed his camera at his immediate surroundings, including his wife and family. While exposing his own private life, he consciously explored the madness that lay dormant deep within himself. This madness has spawned remarkable and unparalleled works that combine Fukase's loving regard for his subjects and his carefree sense of humor.

This exhibition presents a substantial body of work, including pieces from the museum's collection drawn from major works by Fukase, such as "Yūgi (Homo Ludence)", "Yōko", "Karasu" (Ravens) and "Kazoku " (Family). Other notable works include "Yōko" (part of the "From Window" series), "Karasu" (Ravens), acquired by Nihon University College of Art in the early 1980s, as well as "Bukubuku" and "Sasuke", both of which come from a private collection. Retracing Fukase's trajectory from the 1960s to the early 1990s, the exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to discover the unique universe of the artist.

1|”Yūgi [Homo Ludence]”
3|”Kazoku [Family]”
4|”Karasu [Ravens]”
6|”Aruku me [Walking Eye]”
7|”Shikei [Private Scenes]”

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Dates  March 3 to June 4, 2023
Exhibition title Masahisa Fukase 1961-1991 Retrospective
Location TOP Museum Tokyo

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