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Kei Ono presents his project here MALL.

“What I see is where I live. New housing is being built around the mall. The road is lined with electronics stores and chain restaurants, and delivery trucks come and go. It's the kind of place we now live in. Things that I had vaguely recognized individually until then seemed to be connected today through the mall.

I was convinced that my camera, which I had used for many years since I was a photography student, was suitable for this theme. Carrying my camera tripod, I kept walking. Was it an extension of the portrait to the landscape?

through the words of Kyouhei Ishiguro (Animation Director, Director)

"I made an animated film in a shopping center where "Our words like bubbles", and I realized that even those that seemed to me to have similar exteriors and interiors had their own personalities. Even though the concept is the same, in fact they are often done in a way that is rooted in the region. And you can only realize this if you observe as if you were looking "in the eyes" of a shopping center. Making an animation can also be described as creating a setting, and especially when considering the artistic setting of the scene, one must pay attention to details that are usually overlooked. That's why I could notice the individuality of each mall.

I feel the same type of observation in this work. When Kei Ono's angles carve out details that are often overlooked, you realize once again that even an ordinary place is special to someone. From afar, it looks like a huge, lumpy, inorganic box, but inside, many people come and go, and thousands of organic lives certainly exist. It's rare to find a subject whose expression changes so much depending on where the camera is placed.

The mall, as a collection of photographs, is also fascinating in its variety of expressions. And since I've taken hundreds of pictures of malls to make cartoons, I have a personal sympathy for them."

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