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Self-portraits as brides. 🖋

When wedding rhymes with Japanese photography

by Charlene Veillon
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In Japan, as elsewhere in the world, people get married! And as elsewhere in the world, we immortalize this great moment in the life of a couple with a photo shoot. But the deep meaning of traditional Japanese marriage sometimes clashes with our modern life, inspiring photographers – especially women – to create a scene in the form of self-portraits of brides. Kimiko Yoshida or Tomoko Sawada have each produced several photographic series entirely dedicated to the theme of the Japanese bride. Between parody, denunciation of stereotypes and gesture of rebellion, let's see how these images question us about the "Japanese wedding".


ill.1 – The Cherry Blossom Bride. Self-portrait, 2006 by Kimiko Yoshida ©Kimiko Yoshida

ill.2 – single brides by Kimiko Yoshida: The Widowed Bride. Self-portrait, 2001 ©Kimiko Yoshida

ill.3 – Omiai (30 works), 2006 © Tomoko Sawada

Fig.4 – Thirty Works: Bridle, 2008 © Tomoko Sawada

Fig.5 – Bear & Rabbit wedding, 2018, © TSUKAO (Instagram – bear_n_rabbit)




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