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Self-portraits of what is no longer… or almost!

by Charlene Veillon
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« Everything that is not me interests me. » 

These were the first words of Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida when we met.1. Declaration beforehand surprising in view of his work essentially consisting of self-portraits! We therefore understand that the narcissistic representation of her figure is not the aesthetic challenge of Kimiko Yoshida's work.

Since his very first series of self-portraits started in 2001, the artist has actually sought to disappear from the image by using various artifices. Beyond a reflection on the vanity of self-representation, the photographer meditates more broadly on the vanity of images which, by definition, can only show an absence: a snapshot can only capture an image of the subject and not the same subject...


© Kimiko Yoshida
Courtesy Heritage Paco Rabanne

ill.1 (white background)

Kimiko Yoshida, Painting (Marquise de Pompadour by François Boucher). Self-Portrait, 2010.

ill.2 (black background)

Kimiko Yoshida, Painting (Judith of Cranach the Elder). Self-Portrait, 2010.


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