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Small Planet 🖋

Small Planet, when photography shows the world in miniature!

written by Sophie Cavaliero and read by Charlène Veillon
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On the occasion of the exhibition “(Un)real utopia” by Naoki Honjo at Top Museum, the museum of photography in Tokyo, we are going to interest you in our article in a particular photographic process: the tilt shift. This process, used by Naoki Honjo, transforms photographs of a real landscape into an artificial miniature landscape photograph, the real world becoming a dummy world, where men are transformed into figurines, cars, toys and buildings, in model decorations.


Photo 1 – “[ small planet ] Tokyo, Japan” (2006) © Naoki Honjo

Photo 2 – “JP-02 15” 2012 ©TAIJI MATSUE / Courtesy of TARO NASU

Photo 3 – San Francisco – MAY. - SEP. 2016 – LIGHT JET PRINT/ 1700×2560 MM ©SOHEI NISHINO

Photo 4 – small planet / Tokyo, Japan / 2005 © Naoki Honjo

Picture 5 – https://miniature-calendar.com/200728 © Tanaka Tatsuya


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