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Manon Giacone | 220 ghosts

In two words...
This series brings together archive images of the two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were hit by the nuclear bomb and contemporary stagings, which intertwine in film shots.

The artist seeks...
- Exhibition : I would like to present this series as part of a collective exhibition with other artists working on themes around memory, or more societal issues around Japan.
- Edition : Ideally I would like help for the edition of a book, mainly for the design of the model.

Presentation of the series

220 ghosts

This work was originally divided into two series, 80 ghosts (in reference to the number of deaths during the nuclear bomb in Nagasaki) and 000 ghosts (for that of Hiroshima). Archive images of these two Japanese cities and contemporary stagings intertwine in film shots.

This photographic series is a work on the traumas, not in what they have of concrete but as determining element of the man of today.
Human society is shaped both by the rejection of violence in our memory and by its repression in our relationship to the social group.
One thing radically differentiates the contemporary from the rest of human history: we are emerging from the age of indescribable disasters. These elements of apprehension of violence remain correct, at the same time that they are no longer sufficient. And it is in this era of "after the disaster" that we resist.

My artistic work can be defined as sketches of interpretation of this state of incomprehension, as sketches of interrogation of this unthinkable of violence, here through the disasters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I particularly wanted to focus on the disasters in Japan because this country is constantly changing. It leaves no room for the trauma of disasters, such as war or earthquakes. When such events occur, the country rebuilds immediately, leaving no trace of the disaster, leaving almost no room for memory. Through the creation of contemporary images, it can regain a place in history.

Portraits of artists: Manon Giacone - interview video 4 36 mins


Manon Giacone was born in the north of France. She studied art history and digital arts, then took a master's degree in photography and contemporary arts at the University of Paris 8.

Manon Giacone is interested in everyday life, in isolated villages. She dwells on their changes and the memorial imprint that these places leave on herself and on the viewer.
Like, through places where social exchanges abound, she seeks to highlight oblivion, retrenchment and individualism.

His work has been exhibited in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Korea, Ireland.

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