Sophie CAVALIERO and sugoi.photo

Sophie Cavaliero has been “pushing the point home” for several years now by participating in the promotion of contemporary Japanese photography in France. In addition to having co-edited with Valérie Douniaux two publications on Japanese photography – revelations published by Le Lézard Noir and Neko Project published by iKi -, Sophie has been collecting and supporting Japanese photographers for 10 years. She is also a fan of Japanese photography books with a large library that she takes with her on each of her moves.

With the creation of the website sugoi.photo, Sophie has set herself the goal of providing up-to-date information on events related to contemporary Japanese photography in the world with a purely informative portal that she has called Snap shots. This portal is not intended to be exhaustive but rich enough to make visitors want to know more!

To this, Sophie has added three additional pages to allow visitors to complete their “education” or fuel their passion:

  1.  Pause : This page offers podcasts – instant pods (animated by Charlène Veillon) dealing with a keyword, an artist or a photo in a few minutes, as well as videos – Viewing Room, where the photographers themselves present one of their projects.
  2. Stop bath: This page is a reading corner where the visitor can find more in-depth articles on contemporary Japanese photography with a possible audio reading of the text.
  3. Stop on Instagram : A regular post presenting the instagram account of a Japanese photographer for a quick look while waiting to know more through the other pages

Finally Sophie likes sharing and facilitating exchanges between peoples and offers a last page France – Japan projects allowing a cultural exchange between Japan and French-speaking countries. We let you discover the projects and the artists.

Do not hesitate to contact Sophie Cavaliero by the page contact if you want to share a Japanese photography event for everyone to enjoy!

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Charlène VEILLON, the “voice” of sugoi.photo

The “voice” of sugoi.photo is Charlène Veillon, art historian, doctor of the Sorbonne in contemporary Japanese photography. She is also one of the "feathers" of the site, main author of the podcasts as well as feature articles.

Passionate, Charlène Veillon has been writing, rereading, creating, animating and telling about Japan for nearly 20 years. She is the author of the book Japanese contemporary art: a quest for identity. From 1990 to today, published by L'Harmattan. She has participated in numerous publications on Japanese art and culture, including revelations. Contemporary Japanese Photography. She is also a writer for various Franco-Japanese apps and magazines.

As part of her professional activities, under the Madame Ori label, Charlène now offers personalized support to reveal Japan in each project, through a range of services: writing, proofreading, mediation, facilitation, consulting, project management , creation.

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